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DC Based Solar Lighting For Home

Posted by Think Smart Buy Smart on May, 09, 2017

Why waste energy by using inverter to power ac appliances.

1. Inverters use 30% of the power stored in batteries to convert it into ac 220Vor 110volts.

2. Inverters produce heat and when you are not using any power, the inverter is still comsuming power because of the losses in the transformer core in the form of heat.

3. AC can give fatal shocks to loved ones.

4. it is not pure AC at s generated in inverters.

DC Power Pros:

=>DC powers cars runs aeroplanes and is not fatal.

=>DC can achieve efficiencies of upto 95%.

=>There is less cost involed in converting to a DC based system as less solar pannels have to be used for the same power required.

=>DC can be stored in batteries.

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